Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Salestrack AI, to get started just follow the steps below.

1. Setup your accounts

Go to settings and click on integrations.


Click connect on each account you want to connect.

When you connect your Google account you can link your Google Analytics account and Adwords account. This allows you to view dynamic reports in the reporting tab.

2. Setup your web chat

To set up the chat widget go to

3. Add team members

Go to settings and click on staff. Click on, “Add Employee” at the top right.

Enter the details of the team member you want to add. Choose their permissions, and what modules they should have access to.

4. Setup your sales pipelines

Pipelines are used to track the steps of your sales process. This helps your sales team identify what stage of your sales process your leads are in. You can use this tool to help close more deals and move your leads through your sales process.

To customize your sales process to opportunities on the left and then click on Pipelines.

You can create multiple pipelines for different services or products you may offer that may have different processes.

Create a name for your pipeline and add the stages in your pipeline.


For example: You may create a stage named, “Call Booked” for leads that have booked a call. Your next stage could be, “Proposal Sent” after the call and once you have sent a proposal. Then Negotiating, etc. Move the lead through the pipeline until the deal is either won or lost.

5. Setup your calendar

You can setup multiple calendars for specific teams, products, and services.

Click on Calendar on the left and then click on calendar settings.

Next click on add calendar to configure your calendar.

If you are having any issues configuring your account please reach out to support@salestrackai.com