Workflow Goal Event

Workflow Goal Event

Workflow Goal Event

You've probably thought about how cool it would be if contacts who meet a certain condition or a Goal event within a workflow, could automatically move directly to a specific part of a workflow without having to go through previous steps.

In this article, we will cover Goal Events and how, and when to use them.

Please Note:

For version 1, we restricted Goal Event filters toemail events andtrigger link clicks only. We plan to add more goals events in the future, such as bookings, forms submissions, etc. Also currently we are restricting toONE Goal Event per workflow.

How to set up Goal Events in workflows

Select Workflow action called Goal Event > Select between "Received email event" OR "Clicked a trigger link"


What are Goal Events?

Goal Events allows you to set a contact Goal for a workflow. From the moment a contact enters the workflow, the system will be "listening" for the specified Goal Event to occur regardless of the step the contact is in.

How do Goal Events work?

Once the contact has met the goal conditions you specified in the action, the contact will be pulled into the goal step (regardless of where they are in the workflow).

Currently, email events and trigger link clicks are supported in workflow Goal Action. Please check back here as we add more actions.

What happens if the contact reaches a Goal Event without meeting its conditions?

If the Goal event was not reached by the time the contact reaches the goal action in your automation, there will be 3 options to select from:

1. End this workflow

2. Continue Anyway

3. Wait until the Goal is met


What Goal Events are currently supported

For the "Received email event" filter make sure to select the events you wish the system to recognize. There are several options:

  • Clicked
  • Opened
  • Unsubscribed (Mailgun only)
  • Complained
  • Spam

For the "Clicked Trigger link" please select the trigger links listed in the dropdown menu. If you have not yet created a trigger link please check out this article before continuing:  Trigger Links - Overview

Why would you want to use Goal Events?

It will remove the need for any secondary workflows that you've created that removes, continues or ends a workflow for a contact.

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